We have experience of more than 10 years in the railway sector, in the rolling stock area. We are representatives and distributors of rolling stock systems and components of important European companies.

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Country: Czech Republic

Without doubt the most important forge in Europe, with a tradition of more than one century in the manufacture of all kinds of parts, and its main market is the railway sector. Among its main products we can highlight:

Screw couplings

Draw gears
Draw hooks

The quality management is an integral part of the company. Its production capacity is 16,000 tons of ironwork per year. They have several thermal processing lines that allows for most of its operations to be done internally, and therefore ensuring the required quality of the final product.

Country:  Slovenia

KOVIS, d. o. o. is an internationally innovative company for the development and production of components for the railway industry and various parts for other industrial sectors.

With more than 45 years’ tradition, Kovis has established itself internationally with the production of brake discs for all types of railway vehicles: from locomotives, trams, and metro lines to high-speed trains. In addition to the brake discs, Kovis is also the largest manufacturer of axle boxes for freight wagons in Europe. The company sells its products in 32 countries around the world. The most important market is still Europe, highlighting Germany, Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria, France and also present in the Asian and American markets.

Development and innovativeness design pace and open an increasing number of new business opportunities, therefore they operate according to the slogan – good ideas create the future.

Brake discs – axle and wheel brake discs of various sizes (in production more than 450 different types) and a variety of quality materials (GJL, GJV, GJS, GS). Production is also possible after the customer’s requirement or according to provided specifications.

Axle boxes for freight and passenger wagons for the axle load of 22, 5t up to 25t for bogies type Y25/25t. Kovis developed its own axle box type Y25/25t, which can be used for both, 22,5t and 25t axle load. By new 25 ton axle box which is completely interchangeable with the existing axle box BA386.

Other products for railway vehicles: Multiconsoles, Gearbox housing, Stator housing, Different covers, Flanges, Caps, Brake shoe holders, Holders of brake pads, other holders for bogies.

Country: Czech Republic

They have experience of 70 years in the manufacture of springs. They manufacture the leaf, parabolic and spiral springs for industrial applications in the automotive, agriculture and railway sectors.

Their high-quality products have led them to have clients throughout the world, and their main market is Europe, where they are one of the main suppliers of the leaf springs for the automotive industry and the top manufacturer of spiral springs for the railway industry.

Country: Poland

Polish manufacturer company of composite friction materials for railway vehicles. Thanks to the experience of more than 30 years and the continuous activity in R&D, the brake shoes and brake pads of Frimatrail Frenoplast are provided to national clients and also in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The design, production and sale of brake pads and brake discs are performed in accordance with ISO9001: 2015 and IRIS – ISO/TS 22163:2017. The company emphasizes the development of new products like the brake pads made for low and high friction, for passenger and freight wagons, and also the brake pads for the solutions in railway vehicles.

Thanks to these products, the track becomes safer and the environment is more respected.


Country:  USA

Designer, manufacturer and leading supplier of components for wagons for all the Class I and Class II railways throughout the world.

Since 1894 Miner has focused on improving the performance and value of their products and the freight wagons that use them, through frequent tests, in-depth service analysis and experience related to the industry.

With top quality manufacture, reinforced by leading engineering and support in the industry Miner continues to improve the performance and total cost of ownership.