We work for all vehicle manufacturers. Based on the original vehicle, we perform the technical analysis prior to the conversion and we determine the technical and legal viability.

Installation of additional axles: Steering, self-steering and fixed.

Wheelbase modification.

Artic to rigid unit conversion.

Adaptations for special large tonnage transport:  Front and rear tow hook installation.

Fifth wheels and Sliders for special transport.

Large capacity fuel tanks behind the cabin: up to 1000 l.

Chassis lowering for truck transportation.

Relocation and modification of components of the chassis to clear sides and location of the crane behind the cabin. (i.e., Side loader for Urban Solid Waste)


As second phase manufacturers, we have homologations for our conversions, which has placed us in the market as a reference company in the sector, guaranteeing compliance with the regulations and manufacturing requirements.

Our technical sheets

Access the technical sheets of all brands.