In addition to the conversions and in order to give the client a comprehensive solution for transport and work, we offer different type of equipments. Our partners are European companies references in the sector.

Our partners

Country: Austria

EMPL develops customized transport solutions for all sectors:  Defence & Authorities, Fire Fighting, Recovery and Commercial Vehicles (f. e. construction, distribution, waste management, …)

Their truck bodies and trailers are individually adapted to the requirements of the customer, the market and the application operate successfully around the world under the harshest conditions. The high-quality level, precision, durability, reliability and optimal loading capacity are characteristic for EMPL products.

Based on many years of experience in the development and production of civil and military vehicles, they   know the military standards to develop the best solutions, adapting not only the “hardware”, but also integrated logistics support (ILS) to the client’s requirements.

Country: Italy

Dedicated to development of hydraulically controlled steering axles. We work with the Technology steering system designed to control the steering of an additional axle both in forward and reverse developed by System Truck engineering. We work together in many projects that sometimes arise due to the demand of the Spanish market customers.

After each conversion we obtain a truck as reliable and safe as the one which comes from the production line, but with greater manoeuvring and loading capacity. All the axles that we mount are a complement that is perfectly adapted to the original vehicle and its technology.

Country: Netherlands

Worldwide supplier of transport solutions. Present in more than 110 countries and with more than 30 own subsidiaries The advantages of HYVA solutions are based on simple assembly and lighter fittings than their competition.

In its aim to offer the client integral solutions, not only offering the transformation of the vehicle but also the bodywork and fittings, R&T works with HYVA as distributor of all solutions:

  • Tipping systems: Front-end cylinders, hydraulic equipment, underbody cylinders.
  • Container handling: Hook loaders and Skip loaders.
  • Lifting and loading: Aerial platforms and marine cranes, both wheeled and truck-mounted.
  • Waste handling.
  • Sliding floors.

Country: Spain

Dedicated to provide safety solutions with the objective of reducing to zero the work accident rate, to maintain the physical integrity of workers in all their activities. R&T has been working with SENSPAIN since its creation in 2011 and its CEO, who has more than 20 years of experience in anti-crash safety in all types of vehicles. Safety in the industrial and commercial vehicle sector has always been important and today the use of certain safety devices has become mandatory by law.

R&T together with SENSPAIN offers the possibility of equipping vehicles with the most innovative equipments on the market:

  • RFID anti-running over systems.
  • Total vision blind spot cameras.
  • Work lights.
  • Breathalyzers with vehicle blocking systems.
  • Reversing alarms.

Country: Sweden

Leading manufacturer in the market, both civil and military, for hydraulic winches. Since the beginning of the last century, the Sepson winches have spread throughout the world performing heavy traction work with extreme reliability in all environmental conditions, whether in tropical heat or in the arctic cold, bearing temperatures between -49º C and 55º C.

R&T started working with SEPSON more than 10 years ago for the military sector in the Spanish market, but gradually we have also obtained a significant share in the civil market. SEPSON is without doubt a global supplier of reliable and simple high-quality winches. The extensive experience of its engineers in areas like control systems, hydraulics, mechanics and resistance calculations give as result customised solutions that meet the demands of the users.

Country: France

Leading world manufacture of electromagnetic retarders. It has more than 250 device variants, that offer brake torque from 350 Nm to 3600 Nm., in different applications: industrial, goods transport, passenger transport and special vehicles.

For road vehicles the assembly can be performed in the propshaft, both axial (on the drive shaft line) or focal (on the gearbox or differential axle) mounting. Compatible with the ABS, EBS and ESP systems.

The Telma retarders contribute to:

  • the improvement of road safety.
  • the significant improvement of the safety level of the vehicle.
  • the improvement of the comfort of the driver and passengers.
  • the reduction of maintenance costs.
  • the reduction of the negative effects on the environment.